After the epic finale of TuckerZombies, the map dumped, in which Mittens' corrupted 720, the source of the living nightmare the Tuckermeows had gone through, was destroyed, Pat1196 started letting fans make maps.

Innovation InclusionEdit

After the finale of TuckerZombies, Pat1196 made a PSA to his subscribers/friends that if they wanted to make a fan map, he would be willing to help by configuring Pack-a-Punch machines, power switches, and mystery chests.

valivali and Road VillageEdit

The very first fan-made map was Road Village by valivali. As it was made around a year before Pat's PSA, he did not have Pat's assistance, it wasn't up to official standards, but it is still addictive as all hell. There are currently 5 people who have beaten it in the following order:

1. Pat1196 with a time of 20:50

2. powerman1959 with a time of 29:41

3. WaWingman with a time of 31:53 

4. SarutysAlpha with a time of 38:15

5. zonkal with a time of 40:11

Maps and InformationEdit

Not much is known about the upcoming fan maps but to list the ones that I know of (this is SarutysAlpha btw)

Permafrost by Jibrig

Avatar: Sovester

Storage by SarutysAlpha

Avatar: Cotton (formerly Mittens)

Sanctuary by Popsoft1

Bjorfalk by CloudyVision

Hardware by loplopchannel