One of the many of the addicting traits of TuckerZombies adventures is to search for the map's hidden secret. There is one major secret in each map, either containing a secret item, ally, upgrade, etc. that will assist you in your fight against the undead. Some map secrets have been uncovered, yet some have not. The secrets that are harder to find than others are usually more valuable to the player.
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Picture of the Teleporter in TuckerZombies.

TuckerZombies: Deep S**tEdit

The teleporter on Deep S**t takes you to a pipe cloged with a mssive poop pile. If you get the shovel from the Mystery Box you can bring it here and un-clog the drain, letting out hundreds of little poop peices that will attack Zombies for you. They're weak, but they come in numbers and respawn instantly.

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Teleporter on TuckerZombies: Sanctum. (No power)

TuckerZombies: SuburbsEdit

In Suburbs, go to the corner of the map (far left on the side with one house) and unlock the gate enter the courtyard. Then use another key to unlock the house. In here you'll find three granades and a crowbar, take the crowbar to the manhole and it'll reveal a hole beneath it. This hole will lead to the Mystery Box room.

TuckerZombies: SanctumEdit

In Sanctum once you turn on the power you'll be able to use the teleporters. There a three teleporters, and each on will take you to the same room, but in different places. In this room
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Teleporter on TuckerZombies: Sanctum. (With power)

you'll be behind a white gate with a white key in front of you. Open the gate and enter the return portal. Go through all the teleporters and open all the gates to enter the Pack-A-Punch room. You can now upgrade your allies.

TuckerZombies: ManorEdit


TuckerZombies: RingEdit