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A snapshot taken from the 7th TuckerZombies map

Basic InfoEdit

TuckerZombies is a parody of CoD7. The adventures pretty much have the same basic layout

-keys that regenerate once every round and allow you to gain acess to helpfull items, hidden secrets, etc...

-A mystery box that contains a different item each time you play

-respawning wood barricades that help protect against zombies

In all of the adventures so far, at least one other Tuckermeows character has been available as an ally. However, it is unknown whether or not there will be an adventure where you have to face the zombies alone.

The main goal in each adventure is to survive as long as you can. You do this by passing through each round by killing the targeted amount of zombies. In every adventure, the description says that it's impossible to win. People have beaten the game, but only very few players (only 6 so far) have managed to do so.


So far, it is unknown what caused the zombie apocolypse. Since the series is a parody of CoD it could be a failed experiment of Freddy's, (Like the failed teleporter experiment in CoD) there might be no explained cause for the zombie epidemic, or a humorous cause for it.

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