Through out TuckerZombies there have been a number of Perks (Power-ups) introduced. TuckerZombies: Sanctum was the first TuckerZombies map to feature Perk-a-Cola machines.


Jugger-Nog was also first introduced in Sovester's Iraqi Adventure Part: XXVI "ZOMBIES!!!". It acted as a defense power up shielding the player and thus reducing the damage taken. It later appeared on the map Suburbs, and again on Sanctum where it could by bought from a perk-a-cola machine.
Pic 1

Jugger-Nog Machine.

Pic 2

Jugger-Nog Bottle

Quick ReviveEdit

Quick Revive was first introduced in TuckerZombies: Ring, and then re-done in TuckerZombies: Sanctum, where is was inside a Machine. (Please update if you know more)

Pic 3

Quick Revive Machine.

Pic 4

Quick Revive Bottle

Double Tap Root BeerEdit

Double Tap Root Beer made it's first appearence in TuckerZombies: Sanctum, where it increased the players attack power so the Zombies died instantly. It also has replaced Insta-Kill, which will no longer appear in TuckerZombies.

Pic 6

Double Tap Root Beer machine.

Pic 5

Double Tap Root Beer bottle


Stamin-up also made it's first appearence on the map Sanctum, where it increased the players Speed. Stamin-up has replaced Speed-Cola, which will no longer appear in any future TuckerZombies maps.

Pic 7

Stamin-up machine.

Pic 8

Stamin-up bottle

Pic 9

Speed Cola bottle. This is what Stamin-up Replaced.


  • Quick Revive was called "Lemon Lime Health" and was colored green up until the creation of TuckerZombies: Ring, where it was called "Quick Revive", yet still had it's green color. The perk was then changed to the way it is today during the creation of TuckerZomies: Sanctum.
  • Jugger-Nog was yellowish-orange until Tuckerzombies: Sanctum, where it was colored red.
  • Quick Revive is the only perk that has a one-time use until having to buy again in TuckerZombies: Sanctum.
  • PhD Hopper is a spin-off the popular PhD Flopper perk in Cod 7 Zombies. This perk is set to appear in one of the last TuckerZombie maps, possibly TuckerZombies: Brooksville.
  • Speed Cola will return in the seventh map of TuckerZombies, which will replace Max Ammos. This will make the game more challenging, for ammo must be purchased in a specific spot rather than being picked up for free in random spots of the map.