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Created by Pat1196, influenced by the popularity of part XXVI of his Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! GA series. This adventure was created as a spoof of CoD 7 Zombie mode, in which the player muse advance through the rooms of the Tuckermeows' house and eventually make it outside while killing zombies. The adventure was intended to be created as impossible, yet a fan was able to complete it. TuckerZombies was created to tak SIA Part 26's ideas to the next level in eight addicting maps with secrets and a hidden storyline in which the player must uncover.
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Cotton Tuckermeow, equipted with the Ray Gun in SIA Part 26


TuckerZombies includes 8 unique maps in which the player must unlock secrets to fight for their lives, while playing as their favorite Tuckermeows characters.

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TuckerZombies: Deep S**t

Deep S**tEdit

Description: A sewer with no seperate rooms. allies do not upgrade and spawn randomly in different rooms. Zombies get stronger, faster.

Difficulty: Hard

Avatar: Cotton

Avatar Weapon: AK-47 Grenaider w/ extended dual mags

Supporting Characters: Sovester, Mittens, Freddy

Wonder Weapons: Thundergun , Winter's Howl , Ray Gun

Wonder Weapon Mode: Ray Gun

Mystrery Box Items: Shovel, Key, Juggernaut, Mario. (From Nintendo)

Teleporter Location: Unknown

Teleporter Secret: Unknown

Special Features: N/A

Previous Map: Ring

Next Map: Suburb

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Release Date: 5-7-2011
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TuckerZombies: Suburb

Description: A three-house neighborhood with only one ally avalible to find. Hordes of Zombies move quickly through rooms and and jump off roofs.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Avatar: Mittens

Avatar Weapon: AT4 w/ tactical knife

Supporting Character: Sovester

Wonder Weapons: None

Wonder Weapon Mode: Thunder Gun

Mystery Box Items: Blue Key, Red Key, White Key, Yellow Key

Teleporter Location: N/A

Teleporter Secret: None

Bonus round: ZOMBIE


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TuckerZombies: Sanctum

Release Date: 5/28/2011

Description: Large/complex abandoned research facility with buyable perks, (power-ups) traps, etc... Bonus rounds, Mestery Box, & Pack-A-Punch Machine all included. Zombies get stronger faster.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Avatar: Sovester

Avatar Weapon: Uzi w/ tactical knife

Supporting Characters: Mittens, Cotton, Freddy

Wonder Weapons: Thunder Gun, ZeusCannon, Ray Gun, Porter's X2 Ray Gun, Winter's Howl, Winter's Fury, GodFinger

Wonder Weapon Mode: WunderWaffe DG-2

Mystery Box: In the same room as the power switch, across the courtyard when opening the right side door in the starting room. Activates after the first bonus round.

Teleporter Location(s): Unknown

Teleporter Secret: Allows you to reach the Pack-A-Punch. For more details, go here.

Special Features: Power Switch, Pack-A-Punch, Black & White to Color

Bonus Round: HellHounds


Release Date: 3/31/2012
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TuckerZombies: Manor

Description: A huanted mansion with a roaming mystery box, perk machines, and a pack-a-punch. Crawlers spawn on this map in random places.

Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Avatar: Freddy

Avatar Weapon: M4A1 Extended Dual Mag w/ Brass Knuckes & VR-11 Gas

Supporting Characters: Mittens, Sovester, Cotton.

Wonder Weapons: ThunderGun, ZeusCannon, Ray Gun, Porters X2 Ray Gun.

Wonder Weapon Mode: Winters Howl.

Mystery Box: Varies throughout rounds.

Teleporter Location: Unknown

Teleporter Secret: Unkown

Special Features: Roaming mystery box, zombie crawlers, pack-a-punch.

Bonus Round: N/A


Release Date: 4/4/2012

Redknob DriveEdit

Release Date: 03/02/13


Release Date: 05/10/13


[Bonus Map]

Description: A small map with 2 rings. Inside the inner ring zombies spawn. You are positioned inside the outer ring. Try to obitain ally's from the mystery box.

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TuckerZombies: Ring

Difficulty: Hard

Avatar: Sovester

Avatar weapon: Uzi + tactical knife

Supporting characters: Mittens, Cotton

Wonder weapons: Unknown

Wonder weapon mode: WunderWaffe DG-2

Mystery box items: Bionic cat, Pat1196, Mudge, the Virgin, Juggernaut, American soldier, Another american soldier, American commander, Alien, Freddy, key

Teleporter location: N/A

Teleporter secret: None

Special featues: Meteor rains

Previous map: None

Next map: Deep S**t

Bonus round: Meteor shower


  • TuckerZombies include new gameplay stratagies that were innovative and new to Spore GA
  • Each character has their own Wonder Weapon that is unique to the other players.
  • Once a map is completed 100% by a player, the Wonder Weapon Mode is unlocked, where the player may use the character played as in the adventure's Wonder Weapon
  • Cotton allowed Sovester to borrow her Ray Gun in the map "Deep S**t"
  • Sovester's Wonder Weapon is currently unknown and can only be revealed by completing a map with him as the avatar or waiting for the 8th map of TuckerZombies. It is VERY likely to be the Wunderwaffe DG-2 as it is the most powerful weapon in all of COD, and Sovester is simply seemed destined to have it.
  • TuckerZombies is a direct parody of Call of Duty (Nazi) Zombies