This is a spore galactic adventure. In this adventure you fight monsters! Explore a cave! And kill Godzilla while he eats Sovester and flies a rocket into the world! This is truly the worlds greatest adventure! It is a must play and it leaves a long lasting impression! Many say the love it and it should be featured, I agree. I love this adventure because you fly a helicopter and fire bullets at Godzilla! Also you can search caves and fight monsters! I love it and YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT!!!!!!!!

(this isn't True, all you do is talk to Sovester and nothing else. Who ever created this is false-Advertising, which is ELEGAL, so I won't get rid of the text above but the Creator of this page should be taken down and stripped of its Text.)Edit

(But I really enjoy helping Pat1196 get MAXIS crazy)

Okay, heres the truth, you don't do any of that! you just talk to sovester, rate up, comment that its great, and pis off Maxis! Sounds good to me