Peter Tuckermeow was the Tuckermeows' father who was uniquely murdered by the Dreaded Chihuahua in the 1980's invasion. The Chihuahuas had developed a highly innovative weapon called the "Virtual Disintegrator" weapon that would capture any living thing it was fired at in a memory chip as a data file (The Dreaded Chihuahua planned to reload them back at his lair to make them slaves). The weapon's memory chip was placed into a slot on the VD rifle, and it's power source was potatos. Peter was captured inside the chip by the weapon while his wife, Madison Tuckermeow, was shot do death.

Once the Dreaded Chihuahua's son attacked his father (who he intended to kill) with a stolen gun, he dropped the VD rifle and the chip fell out of the slot. The chip broke into many pieces, therefore permanently loosing Peter Tuckermeow and all other cats captured by the VD.

The chip's remains were collected the night of the invasion, yet scientists in Catville are not yet experienced or technologically advanced enough to repair the chip. Only the Chihuahuas posess the ability to repair the chip, and there is still a very high chance that the data will be corrupted and lost forever.