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This Wiki is all about Pat's 2D characters of hilarious comedy. The Tuckermeows follow a content rating of TV14 DLSV.


The Tuckermeows on Spore

The series takes place in an underground world entierly indentical of ours, except there is a new region outside of New York, New York, U.S. and everyone is a cat. The Tuckermeows are a family of cats that live in the oldest and poorest neighborhood in the poorest region in the world. Join them with their fellow friends and enemies as you laugh so hard you nearly choke!

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[Created by Pat1196]

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The Tuckermeows© News And Other Info.Edit

The Tuckermeows© are a 2D characters created in 2004 by a person called Pat, better known as his screen name Pat1196. It is rated TV DLSV. The Tuckermeows are a Family of crazy cats with the names of Sovester, Cotton, Mittens Tuckermeow. Also Peter and Madison. Pat created some Merchandise including Trading Cards, Music Videos, Action Figures, Puppets and Comics. Also maybe in the Future they will become a hit TV sitcom Series like "Family Guy" or "South Park".

The Tuckermeows became popular from the 2008 video game "SPORE". See more of Pat1196's Spore creations if you wish to see more of the Tuckermeows.