The screenshot from the first adventure that featured the Generals's squad


The General's Squad was the best squad in the army from SIA. After Sovester's old team died in an explosion, Sovester completed a mission and was able to join this team


  • a page on Freddy exists. There is no link provided because the page on Freddy is a catagory page.


Through the series, each member of the squad eventually died (except for Freddy and Sovester). Jackie was the first to die. In a battle, terrorists killed him (probably because he used martial arts instead of firearms). Next was Weston, who was shot in the head by a terrorist. Then came Remy. He used a self destruct command on his suit to explode a barrier blocking a terrorist base. Bruce also sacrificed himself by shooting himself through a gun to destroy terrorists(Which was awesome). Finally, the General himself was shot by the ruler of Al Queda (later revealed to be Mittens).

However, Sovester's Iraq experience was revealed to be a dream. So, the General's squad was just a figment of Sovester's imagination.


  • Bruce and Remy were the only members who willingly died to sacrifice themselves for the team.
  • Freddy used dual freeze rays in the General's Squad. These weapons are very similar to The Winter's Howl, a freeze ray that Freddy uses in Tuckerzombies.
  • The General didn't seem to care much about the deaths of the squad members. The only exception is when Bruce died, the General gave him a moment of silence and then quickly moved on. This is probobly due to the fact that Bruce was the most favorited member of the team by fans (and mayby by Pat himself). He also didn't care at all about the deaths of Sovester's old squad members
  • Jackie and Bruce talk the least out of all members (Jackie doesn't even talk at all, and Bruce only talks twice).