The spore creation of The General.


The General is the head of the General's Squad. He had a bad temper and often cursed. He hated Sovester for being retarded, but when Sovester completed a mission, the General stopped hating him-and even allowed Sovester to become part of the team. However, he still called Sovester "sovestard". Sovester's response was that the nickname made him "angry....Yet so happy at the same time."

In the Series

The General lead the squad and often went into battle with Sovester. He didn't seem to care about the deaths of the other squad members. For example, when Bruce dies, the General just gives him a rushed moment of silence (more like five seconds) and quickly moves on. He sometimes didn't respond at all to the deaths of some squad members.

At the end of the series, it was revealed that the entire Iraqi experience was a dream. The General was just a figure of Sovester's imagination.


The General was shot by the rule of Al Queda, later revealed to be Mittens. After his death, his will was read. In his will, it was revealed that his name was "the" as in "the general" (a soldier read the will and said "this is the will of The). The general left Sovester his position as general. Later, Sovester lead the army into a final battle against the terrorists. After this battle, Sovester woke up.

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