The Chihuahuas are a small civilization of runaway chihuahuas who often plot to take over Catville. The chihuahua lair is located in a secret passage under a dumpster in Times Square, New York City (USA).

The leader of the clan is given the title "The Dreaded Chihuahua", and since the clan had been created there has only been two. The chihuahuas have more advanced weaponry than Catville, and are therefore have the ability to defeat them every time they invade. Although, the chihuahuas have never successfully conquered any area of the underground world of Catville.

The chihuahuas have been rivals of the cats from the begining of Catville (the small area of the world, which was later given to the world as a nickname in comparison to the real world), and since then the Chihuahuas have invaded every July once every two decades, only on nights with "no moon". The night of July 18th, 1989 had "no moon", which was the invasion of 1980. July 18th, 1989 was the birthday of Sovester, Cotton, and Mittens, as well as the night the Tuckermeows' and Coppertails' parents were killed. Martha Coppertail used her Laser-Cannon invention to kill more than half of the chihuahua army invading at the time, and caused them to retreat. The chihuahuas could not recover, and could not invade until the new Dreaded Chihuahua was old and skilled enough to lead the army, as well as gaining more troops.

The original Dreaded Chihuahua was killed by his son, Terrance, as revenge of not having any royalties or power at the time, and jealousy/ desire to conquer Catville himself. Terrance was 8 years old when he killed his father.

???-1989: (Name not given, simply called "The Dreaded Chihuahua)

1989- Present: Terrance (The Dreaded Chihauhua's son)

It is also widely known that the Dreaded Chihuahua himself murdered the Tuckermeows' father in one of his attacks against Catville. The Tuckermeows' mother was shot to death by a chihuahua under the Dreaded Chihuahua's rule.

It is known by all chihuahuas that another attack on Catville is planned for 2011, where they will have enough power and weapons to entierly take over Catville. Those who know of this planned event are usually gypsies and hobos, so nobody beleives them. Citizens who know of this attack call it the "Catville Appocalypse".