Possible Chihuahua 2009 invasion senario

A possible senario in which elite chihuahuas have a group cornered

The chihuahua invasion of 2009 never actually happened,but would of been a horrifying two day war in which would of had an equal amount of soilders on each side.However,The chihuahua's were never ready,and the battle never happened.In this case,new elite soilders and dangerous new war mongers would of made both new york city and catville uninhabitable,radioactive wastelands where cats and chihuahuas alike once stood.If the invasion ever did happen,It either would of came out as a tie,or catville and new york city would be leveld feilds of derbis.Today,catville takes the invasion's misfire as just a stroke of luck

This event never actually happened, yet is known by all chihuahuas that another attack on Catville is planned for 2011, where they will have enough power and weapons to entierly take over Catville. Those who know of this planned event are usually gypsies and hobos, so nobody beleives them. Citizens who know of this attack call it the "Catville Appocalypse".