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TuckerZombies: Ring


TuckerZombies: Ring is the bonus map for TuckerZombies. It's difficulty is labeled very hard, most likely because of the lack of places to run, and the bonus round.

TuckerZombies: Ring is made up of two rings. The center ring is where Zombies spawn, the outer ring is where the player is positioned. In this map the Mystery Box needs to be your best friend, because it's the only place you're going to allies from here. (Other than Mittens and Cotton)

The Bonus round for Ring is a meteor shower, and is one of the reasons the map is hard. If you didn't know, it's hard to avoid massive balls of fire falling at you at 120 mph.

Main AlliesEdit

In this the only allies you'll get are Mittens and Cotton. There are others you can get, but they only come from the Mystery Box. Here's a list of Mystery Box allies:

Bionic Cat


The Virgin




American Soldier

Another American Soldier

American Commander



(Please update if found)

Hidden Items/SecretsEdit

Ring has very few secrets in it. There is a large number of allies you can get from the Random box however. (listed above)

If you know more, please add it here. Thank you!

Wonder Weapon ModeEdit

Wonder Weapon mode was unlocked when spore user northozeenonyx beat the regular version, which was considered impossible to beat. Wonder Weapon mode was released 6/3/2011. It's pretty much just like the regular version, only harder.