Manor is
Spore 2011-05-14 19-43-05

TuckerZombies: Manor

the fourth TuckerZombies map. It is set in a haunted mansion somewhere in catville. It has another Pack-a-Punch machine and a roaming mystery box. (it's location changes between rounds) The map's zombies have grey, rotting skin that's caked with what appears to be either dirt or blood.

The map is set in a haunted mansion. Our heroes all start together on this map, so the only allies you don't start with are ones from the mystery box. After jumping off the broken hover pad Freddy, Cotton, Mittens, and Sovester must fight for their lives until the hobo comes to get them out in the last round. (IF you survive that long)

There is no bonus round on Manor, but after round four crawlers begin to show up. They will crawl around and shoot poison at you and your allies. They also will respawn after twenty seconds, making them an annoying enemy. After round seven the crawlers get a lot stronger.



At this time little is actually known about the story of Manor. Our band of heroes crashed here, but it is unknown how it connects to the zombie apocalypse.