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In part III (3) of SIA, you play as Mittens again. In this part, Mittens tries to kill Sovester for presumably getting rid of his X-box.

Plot SummaryEdit

Part 3 starts out with Mittens putting his new plans to kill Sovester into action. First, Mittens finds a cup, fills it with poop, and then goes to a Chinese shopkeeper to buy poison. The shop keeper gives Mittens the poison for free, and Mittens poisons the poop. He gives it to Sovester to try and get him to eat it. Sovester happily accepts and is about to eat it, but then a ringing noise is heard. Sovester says that it's probably the magazine store calling him to pick up the new issue of Hustler Weekly, and runs off without eating the poop.

Now, Mittens puts plan B into action. He gathers some wood, some metal, and finds a 1,000 pound weight. Mittens makes a new death trap that consists of a 1,000 pound weight hanging from a rope above a target on the ground. He picks up a chainsaw to get ready to cut the rope, and then tries to get Sovester to stand on the target. Sovester thinks that the death trap is a bathroom of some kind, and Mittens angrily replies "IT'S NOT A BATHROOM DON'T CRAP ON IT! Now get on the target so I can cut the rope and send that 1,000 pound weight into your skull..." Sovester gets upset because it's not a bathroom, which makes Mittens yell at Sovester again to get him to stand on the target. Sovester refuses, and poops on the death trap, destroying it.

After examaning his destroyed death trap, Mittens yells at Sovester and tells him that people as messed up as Sovester deserve to be in the army getting killed by terrorists. Sovester says that now he will get nightmares about that, and Mittens says that he would want to be in one of those nightmares about war because he can't play Modern Warfare 2 on his x-box. Mittens then tries to kill Sovester with his bare hands. Cotton stops him, and angrily sends both Mittens and Sovester to bed.


  • How to find The Easter Egg: Destroy the wall in the back of Mitten's room, and you'll find a room filled with weapons. After the easter egg gives its "can you find me each time?" speech, it says "wait... Is all this stuff yours?" You can also select some of the weapons to see what Mittens says about it. For example, if you click on a battle axe, he says "I've been saving this for Christmas. Merry Christmas Sovester....And Cotton...And everyone else I don't like... Especially that stupid Easter Egg!"