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SIA: Part II (2)


In the second part of SIA, you play as Mittens again. It takes place after the last part, right after Mittens gets drunk and passes out

Plot SummaryEdit

Part II begins with Mittens waking up in Redknob Drive. There is a gigantic mound of poop, a crashed nuclear missle, a plane crashed into a house, and much more damage. Mittens talks to Freddy, who admits that he also got drunk along with Mittens. Mittens examines the giant pile of poop, and Freddy says that no one got hurt, except for Mudge. After Freddy says that, a word bubble that reads "MMMPH! MMMMMPH!" comes from the pile of poop, showing that Mudge is trappped underneath. Mittens then realises that he has to get back home to make sure his X-box is okay, and runs back to Redknob Drive.

When he enters the living room, he sees that the x-box is gone and the wii is fixed. Mittens asks Sovester if he is responsible for this, and Sovester replies "Um...Sovester isn't here right now... Please leave a message after the beep. Beeeeep." Mittens gets angry and leads Sovester outside. There is a gigantic death trap outside, which Mittens plans to kill Sovester with. But because Mittens has no money to pay for the death trap, Mittens kills the delivery man. Sovester leaves, which ruins Mittens plan to kill Sovester because the cops would come any minute to take back the death trap. Mittens starts scheming on other ways to kill Sovester, and the adventure ends.

Next PartEdit

Here is a link to the next part in the series: Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! Part III


  • The death trap consits of a couldren, a gigantic crane, and a target with cheese on it.
  • The easter egg is found inside of the gigantic pile of poo.
  • Freddy admits that he was partially responsible for not just the damage to Brookseville, but also the giant pile of poo, not just Mittens.
  • If you look at the wii, you can see that duct tape was used to fix it.