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SIA: Part I (1)


In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! part 1 (in the game, all parts are titles "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" and which part they are is written in the description) you play as Mittens.

Plot SummaryEdit

Part 1 starts with Mittens in the living room. He has just desrtoyed the wii (the wii is shown with an axe in it) and is about to play Modern Warfare 2 on his new X-box. Before he starts playing, Cotton comes in and asks him how he got the x-box. Mittens tells Cotton that he used her credit card, which makes Cotton so angry that her eyes turn red and her veins become visible. This makes Mittens leave the house to avoid Cotton's rage.

When Mittens gets outside, Cotton stops him and asks him where he's going. Mittens says that he's going to Freddy's house, and says to Cotton that he "goes there whenever you're being a big a** hole!". Cotton gets angry, and Mittens says that what he meant to say was "I think I saw a scary troll!". Cotton suddenly snaps out of her anger and gladly allows Mittens to go. After he arrives at Freddy's house, he sees a gigantic beer in some kind of invention Freddy made. Despite Freddy telling him not to, Mittens takes the beer and drinks it.

Mittens quickly gets drunk and hullucinates gigantic beer bottles, giant beer bottles in the sky, purple mist everywhere, and sees the ground in a psychadelic pattern. Music quickly plays in the backround, and Mittens chases Freddy, thinking that Freddy is Angelina Joelie. Freddy screams and runs away, and Mittens passes out.

Next PartEdit

Here is a link to the next part: Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! Part II


  • When the player arives at Freddy's house, Freddy is seen using a telescope to look into the window of a house.
  • A space shuttle is also seen crashed into a house. When the player click on the dead astronaut near the shuttle, the astronaut says "Hey! Get off my lawn!"
  • If you walk into the kitchen, you can find Sovester standing on the stove and laughing in front of a nazi. When you click on Sovester, he says "He asked me if I was retarded! I said yes, so he made me stand on the stove!"
  • After Mittens says "I think I saw a troll!" to cover up his cursing, a troll appears. This joke is used multiple times in the series (for example, when Mittens calls Cotton a "hairy b**ch" he covers it up my saying "I think a saw a scary witch! A witch then appears in the house)
  • The Easter Egg can be found in the attic of the house.