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A snapshot from SIA part 26.


Part 26 of "Sovesrer's Iraqi Adventure!" was a special Zombies adventure. As a parody of CoD (Nazi) Zombies it featured many of the same traits. This adventure is really just a training mission, used to get players used to the feel of TuckerZombies. It consists of 7 rounds each with increasing difficulty.

In the first act (before the actual gameplay begins) Cotton and Mittens explain how to play. But there are also signs and a hint book that give you extra info. In the first round you'll have to kill ten Zombies, the number of Zombies to kill and how powerful they are will increase as you go on.


Redknob Drive has been overrun with Zombies, and the survivors are Cotton, Mittens, and Sovester. The U.S. Army attempted to defeate the Zombies but failed, and now The Tuckermeows are our only hope. (Oh boy, we're in trouble now!) There really isn't much more story to it.

Main AlliesEdit

In this adventure your main allies are Mittens and Cotton, both will upgrade over time and respawn if they die. There are other allies like the Survivor and several American Soldiers. Mittens and Cotton both start with Desert Eagles as their weapon, and then they gain attachments and better weapons as they upgrade.


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Hidden Items/SecretsEdit

This adventure holds many hidden items. Some of them include...

A blue bottle that powers up speed called "Speed-Cola"

A yellow bottle that powers up defense called "Jugger-Nog"

A green bottle that restores health called "Lemon-Lime Health"

A wrench.

The Protect-O-Skull (repels zombies)

A Hint Book


There's also a special item called the X-Orb, if you hold it Zombies will stand still and sing and pay no attention to you as you shoot their heads off. To find the X-Orb just get the wrench and take it to the giant Xbox 720 and it'll open up a portal to the room inside the Xbox. It's a little hard to grab the orb cause it's surrounded an invisble shield, but you can get it. Once you have to rest of the match will be as easy as pie.