"Sylvester and Sovester don't get along very well"

-Line from Sylvester's Description from Spore


A picture of Sylvester, by Pat1196

Sylvester is Freddy and Casy's brother and one of the Tuckermeows' cousins. He owns a smoking company and is very rich. He doesn't get along Sovester, possibly because of Sovester's incompetentce and retardation.

Sylvester appears in Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! In this adventure, Sylvester took Sadam Hussein's place. He was a suicide bomber and tried to kill Sovester, but failed to do so.

Also, in the adventure, Sylvester says "Greetings, heterosexual cousin!" Because Sylvester pointed out that Sovester was heterosexual, it could probably imply that Sylvester is gay.

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