Sovester by Pat1196

The official drawing of Sovester, by Pat1196

ovester is one of the main characters of The Tuckermeows. He is 21 years old and has white fur on most of his body, and black fur on his back, tail tip, and parts of his head. His parents were Peter and Madison Tuckermeow. He has two siblings; his brother, Mittens, and his sister, Cotton.


As every Tuckermeows fan knows, Sovester is mentally retarded. This makes him very gullible, and he often blurts out random phrases and words, usually things like "penis" and "dildo".

Sovester also enjoys eating poop. He tries to give poop to his girlfriend, Hopeless, and a pile of poop is seen in Sovester's bed. Sovester's enjoyment of poop is the reason why poop is often incorporated in many jokes in the Tuckermeows series.

Super SovesterEdit

In his dreams, Sovester sometimes transforms into "Super Sovester". In the second-to-last part in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" Sovester transformed into Super Sovester in real life. Mittens replied "Hey, no fair! You're only allowed to be Super Sovester in you retarded dreams!"


The Spore creation of "Super Sovester"

In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!Edit

In "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" Sovester seems to be unusually smarter than he normally is. However, his experience in Iraq-spoiler alert-turned out to be only a dream, and Sovester started acting retarded again as soon as he woke up.

Sovester destroyed Mittens' x-box, causing Mittens to try and kill him. After being sent to bed by Cotton, he dreams that he's in Iraq. In the dream, he finds out that other people that he knows were beings sent to Iraq to fight. After the leader of Al Queda turned out to be Mittens, Sovester had to fight Mittens, killing him. After a final battle with the terrorists, Sovester woke up.

He still thought that the Iraq experience was real, not a dream. To convince Mittens, he made a bet that he could kill an army of terrorists all by himself. Mittens thought that this would kill Sovester, so he gladly accepted the bet.

After Sovester transforms into "super sovester", he sends Mittens into space on a rocket for loosing the bet. Later, Mittens crashed down, and tries to kill Sovester for revenge. To make things better, Sovester gives Mittens a gigantic "X-box 720". When Mittens is just about to play it, however, it gets the red ring of death.


  • In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure, Sovester is annoyed when he gets a locker filled with poop. Sovester loves poop, so it is unusual that he wouldn't want to be near poop. However, SIA was mostly a dream, so this still makes sense.
  • Sovester resembles a black and white furred Scottish Fold (a particular type of cat breed), only skinnier.
  • In Spore GA, you're able to create an captain who is an alien, an extra terrestrial. In a Tuckermeows adventure, Sovester reacts to the player by trying to say "Look, an extra terrestrial!" He can't pronounce terrestrial, and instead just says "Look! An extra terre...Uh.. Terra...Uh... Testical!"

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