A picture of Mudge, made by Pat1196

Catville's local drunk. Mudge lives in Redknob Drive, and his house is very close to the Tuckermeows' house. Unlike most Catville residents, Mudge has brown fur with yellow and white spots, and tufts of fur resembling a mane on his cheecks.


Mudge is extremley alchaholic. In front of Mudge's house, a crashed car can be seen. The reason for this could be th

A picture of Mudge (left) with Mittens and Sovester

at Mudge crashed the car because of drinking while driving. Mudge is extremley addicted to alcohol, so this is very likley.

Relationships and FriendsEdit

Mudge's girlfriend is Tiara. Whenever Tiara is around, Mudge brushes his teeth and tries to hide his alchaholism. This is probably one of the very few moments when Mudge isn't drunk.

Mudge has no known friends, but in a spore "episode" that introduces the Tuckermeows, he says "have you seen Mittens around?" when the player clicks on him. This could imply that Mudge is friends with Mittens, but that isn't likely considering how anti-social Mittens is.

Role in The TuckermeowsEdit

Mudge doesn't usually talk in the adventures by Pat1196. Usually, he just has a speech bubble coming from him. Mudge is in the backround most of the time, usually in front of his house and holding a bottle. In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! Mudge says "MMMPH! MMMMPH!" from underneath a poo pile he is trapped in. This is the only time the player directly talks with Mudge. However, in fan-made adventures, however, Mudge sometimes has a bigger role. Recently with Tuckerzombies, (specificly Sanctum) Mudge is seen, appareantly teleported from his house.


  • Mudge somewhat resembles a Tabby Cat
  • In a Catville City template, Mudge is seen in a night club. He is at the bar, cheering on Tiara as she sings.
  • In the mystery box in Tuckerzombies:Ring, Mudge can come from the box as an alliable player. He weilds balistic knives, and when you click on him,one of th ethings he says is "how did I get here?", implying that he got drunk and blacked out.

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