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Mittens is Sovester and Cotton's brother. He is 21 years old and lives in Redknob Drive in the Tuckermeows' house along with his siblings. He has brown fur that cover his face and the tip of his tail. His base fur color is white, just like most Catville residents. Mittens often gets very annoyed by Sovester, usually when sovester does something very annoying or stupid.

He is also seen getting really annoyed by his sister, Cotton. Cotton is also annoyed by Mittens in turn. For example, Mittens uses up her credit card on an Xbox in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!", which made Cotton so mad to the point where Mittens left the house to avoid her rage.


Mittens is show as being violent, angry, immature, and a jerk. He often goes to extreme measures to get revenge on people he doesn't like, and sometimes pulls adolecent pranks.

Mittens is also seen intenionally messing up Freddy's inventions, even more often than Sovester. Freddy always tells him not to mess them up, but Mittens always does so just to see what would happen with the invention.

Also, in SIA, Mittens gets drunk with Freddy and destroyes Brookseville. Although Mittens was mostly to blame for getting drunk in the first place, Mittens refused to let Freddy stay in Redknob Drive while Brookseville was under reconstruction (specifically, he said "No. Now get your ginger a** out of here.")

Relation with SovesterEdit

In the series, Mittens doesn't just get annoyed by Sovester. In fact, he has displayed a huge hatred towards Sovester, and has even gone to the extent where he's tried to kill him. He often does this by taking advantage of Sovester's gullibility. For example, in "Dare!" Mittens easily talks Sovester into jumping out of an airplane, resulting in Sovester being impalded by a cactus. In "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" Mittens tried to kill Sovester multiple times, usually by using elaborate death traps. First, he tried to poison poop for Sovester to eat. Then he tried to get Sovester to stand on the target of a death trap. Finally, after all of his previous attempts failed, Mittens went into rage and tried to kill Sovester with his bare hands.

In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!Edit

As said before, Mittens often tries to kill Sovester in Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! The reason for this is because he thought that Sovester destroyed his x-box. Although Cotton turned out to be the one who threw it away, Mittens was still mad because Sovester drew red on it, which made Cotton think that it had the red ring of death.

Near the end of the series, Mittens is revealed to be the ruler of Al Queda (not many fans were surprised by this). Although it was just Sovester's dream, Mittens would likely do something just as rash in real life for the sake of revenge.

In SIA, a secret room behind a wall in Mittens' room can be found. The room contains the easter egg, along with multiple weapons including axes, grenades, guns, and a bomb that Mittens bought at an airport. If you select an item, you can read what Mittens has to say about it:

A giant axe:"I've been saving this for Christmas. Merry Christmas Sovester... And Cotton...And everyone else I don't like... Especially that stupid Easter Egg!"

A Bomb: "I don't remember what this was... Probably a C4 or some type of bomb... I bought it at an airport."

Friendships and RelationshipsEdit

Mitten's shows aggressive and angry behavior to pretty much every character in the series, but not as much to Freddy. Aside from Freddy, Mittens has no friends. However, in a Tuckermeows introduction adventure, if you select Mudge, Mudge asks the player if they've seen Mittens recently. This could imply that Mittens and Mudge are friends.

Gracie has a crush on Mittens and often spies on him. Mittens hates Gracie, and probably tries to avoid her.


  • As said by Pat1196, Mittens sometimes drinks alchohol and does drugs to "get away from it all"

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