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Freddy Coppertail is the Tuckermeows' cousin . He lives in Brookseville and looks just like Sovester, only with orange-ish fur. Freddy is known for his inevntions, and according to the Spore description, he's the smartest cat in Catville. Mittens and Sovester often mess up his inventions.


Freddy is very intelligent and has more common sense and better judgement than most Tuckermeows characters. He doesn't usually get angry (except for when his inventions are messed with) even in SIA, when Mittens refused to let him stay in Redknob Drive while Brooksville when it was under reconstrunction (Mittens specifically said "No. Now get your ginger a** out of here").

Also in SIA, more negative aspects of Freddy's personality are seen. He gets drunk with Mittens and is partially to blame for the destruction of redknob drive. Freddy is also seen looking through a telescope into a window, watching somebody change clothes.

Freddy's HouseEdit

In a recently published template by Pat1196, the interior of Freddy's house was seen for the first time. His house includes a room with a couch and a radio, a living room with a big TV, a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and an attic. The most notable room is Freddy's lab. The lab includes a testing subject strapped down to a table, a bionical cat (which was first seen in the Tuckermeows valentine adventure),a machine that coulb possibly be a time machine or teleporter,and a crystalized alien. The alien looks just like the one seen in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!" only with red eyes.


Cotton hasn't ever interacted with Freddy, so it's hard to say whether they dislike each other, are friends with each other, or just nuetral.

Sovester and Freddy are probably friends, but aside from SIA, they don't interact with each other that much. Also, Sovester messes up Freddy's inventions sometimes.

Mittens is friends with Freddy. Whenever Cotton gets too annoying or angry for Mittens to handle, he goes over to Freddy's house. It's reasonable to say that Mittens is Freddy's closest friend. However, Mittens always messes up Freddy's inventions and is sometimes mean to him. For example, when Freddy asked Mittens if he could stay over while Brookseville was being reconstructed, Mittens refused and said "No. Now

get your ginger a** out of here."

In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!Edit

Freddy appeared on The General's Squad in SIA. He weilded dual freeze rays, and like Sovester, didn't know how he ended up in Iraq. In the end of the series, he and Sovester were the only two members left of the General's Squad.

The events in Iraq turned out to be Sovester's dream. However, in Tuckerzombies, Freddy uses a weapon called the Winter's Howl. This weapon is very similar to the freeze rays he used in SIA.


Some of Freddy's inventions include...

-the Winter's Howl (seen in TuckerZombies )

-a Bionical Cat

-moon shoes & a hover device (seen in SIA )


  • Mittens messes with Freddy's inventions more than Sovester does
  • The winter's howl is very similar to a weapon used in SIA

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