Cotton Tuckermeow (On the left)

Cotton Tuckermeow: Cotton is the only sister amung the Tuckermeows. Unfortunately, she is the brightest. She needs to look after Sovester and Mittens to make sure they don't fight or get themselves into trouble. Cotton can be annoying to them sometimes, especially towards Mittens.

Many fans mistake Cotton for the Tuckermeows' mother because of how she acts toward her siblings. The reason why she acts like this is because both Mittens and Sovester are very irresponsible and immature, so they often need to be looked out for.


Cotton is the smartest among her siblings and often looks out for them. However, she can go into violent states of rage when she gets angry, usually because of Mittens. Since Sovester is retarded and doesn't really mean to do the annoying and dumb things, Cotton is seen being nicer to Sovester than to Mittens, who intentionally annoys her and tries to kill and hurt Sovester many times.

However, Cotton is also seen being gullible and less intelligent than usual. For example, in the adventure "Dare!" she gladly goes along with Mittens when he dares Sovester to jump off a plane, seemingly oblivious of the posibilities of Sovester getting killed. Normally, Cotton would try to prevent this kind of thing. Also, in SIA, Mittens tries to avoid Cotton by going to Freddy's house. He calls Cotton a "big a**hole", but quickly covers it up by saying that what he meant to say was "I think I saw a big troll". Instead of seeing through Mittens cover-up and preventing him from leaving to Redknob Drive, Cotton simply allows him to go and happily reminds him to pack a toothbrush.

In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!Edit

In Sovester's Iraqi Adventure! Cotton gets so mad at Mittens to the point where he leaves the house to avoid her anger. Later in the series, when Cassandra takes credit for all of her work, Cotton tries to kill Cassandra three times. When she finally does, Cotton saild back to America and fights an entire army all by herself. Although it turned out that the events in Iraqi were just part of Sovester's dream, it could be possible that Cotton is capable of going to extreme extents of rage. Also, because it was all a dream, Cotton and Cassandra are nuetral in real life, which was confirmed by Pat1196.


Cotton isn't seen being friends with anyone, despite her smart personality. She is nuetral was Cassandra, hates Mittens, and has more of a motherly relationship with Sovester in stead of a friendship-like one. It is possible that she is friends with some residents of Catville city, though.

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