An official picture of Cassandra, by Pat1196.

Cassandra loves city life, so she lives in catville city. She lives next door to Gracie, who she is best friends with. Cassandra's looks don't fit her personality, according to the Pat1196's description. She is very passionate, even for guys who spy on her.

Role in The TuckermeowsEdit

Cassandra has not appeared in an official Tuckermeows "episode" by Pat1196, aside from Sovester's Iraqi Adventure. Besides her major appearance in SIA, she is only seen standing still in front of her appartment in Catville City.

In Sovester's Iraqi AdventureEdit

Cassandra made a major appearance in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!". In the adventure, she takes credit for all of Cotton's work. This makes Cotton want revenge. Cassandra and Cotton fight two times in the adventure.

The first fight takes place in the hospital of the American army base. Cotton picks up a knife, kills Barack Obama (who was congradulating Cassandra for all of Cotton's hard work, which Cassandra took all the credit for) and then attacks Cassandra. The fight starts in the hospital, and then continues into the kitchen, where Cotton fights Cassandra with a Meat Platter (an ongoing joke in referecne to the Tuckermeows Adventure, "The Meat Platter"). The fight ends back in the hospital area, where Cassandra is seen heavily scarred and beaten. Then Mr. Krabs walks in (one of the two Spongebob references in "Sovester's Iraqi Adventure!") and fires them.

The second fight takes place on the plane where Cotton and Cassandra are being sent back to America. Cotton starts insulting Cassandra to make her angry, which quickly turns into another fight. The fight eventually moves to the top of the plane, where Cotton throws grenades to defeat Cassandra. Then, the plane crashes onto a small island. Finally, Cottton kills Cassandra.

Spoiler Alert-Cassandra remains alive because the scenes she appeared in were only part of Sovester's dream. Because of this, Cotton and Cassandra aren't enemies outside of Sovester's dream. According to Pat1196, "they are pretty much nuetral in realy life" (quote seen in a library book from the Tuckermeows Comedy Contest adventure).

Friendships and RelationshipsEdit

Veronica: According to the description of Cassandra by Pat1196, Cassandra hates Veronica because of Veronica's slutty personality. They haven't been seen interacting with each other in an "episode" yet.

Gracie: Gracie is Cassandra's best friend. They live next door to each other in Catville city, and can be seen in a template of Catville City by Pat1196. However, they have yet to appear in a Tuckermeows "episode" together.

Cotton: As said before, Cotton and Cassandra are pretty much nuetral in real life. If Cotton and Cassandra were put in a situation togeather much like SIA, it is unknown if they would act the same way as they did in SIA or not.


  • In SIA, Cotton calls Cassandra a "dumb blonde" multiple times, and Cassandra seems really annoyed by this. However, Cassandra appears to have brown hair, not blonde.

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