The Tuckermeows are a family of crazy wacko Cats. There is Mittens, Sovester and Cotton Tuckermeow. Also Peter and Madison, their deceased parents who died in the 1989 chihuahua invasion. Mittens is a beer lover, Cotton is the Mature one, and Sovester is a Typical Retard.

Mittens is full of himself and thinks he's better than everyone. He acts like a jerk to Cotton and constantly bullies and makes fun of Sovester. Mittens also calls people a series of insulting names, in which do not make any sense at all in the context he puts them in. He enjoys doing miscevious activities that those would notice of a 13 year-old tuch as TePeeing, ding-dong-ditching, and egging houses/buisnesses. Basically, Mittens is extremely immature.

Cotton is the only mature sibling in the Tuckermeows residence. She treats her brothers (Sovester and Mittens) like children, because they act like it, and has to act like their mother. She gives them bed times, rules, and even grounds them occasionally. She has to cook for them as well. Sovester and Mittens don't appreciate Cotton and often take advantage of her. Mittens abuses her and Sovester annoys her to death. Many fans have previously been confused, thinking Cotton was the mother, because of her relationships and interactions with her brothers. As kind and tolerant as Cotton is, she has an extremely bad temper that only shows when something makes her extremely angry.

Sovester was born mentally retarded, because he was injured inside his mother's womb. He gave Mittens "the finger" as a fetus and Mittens punched him in the face in return. Sovester's brainstem cracked from the impact, and now has mental handicaps. Sovester is an extreme exaguration of mental retardation, also including stupidity, ignorence, immaturity, some spasms, and occasional tourettes. Basically, Sovester is the perfect example of the most retarded person on the planet. Sovester has a certain addiction to bringing up the word "penis", and often says it without knowing (vocal tourettes). Mittens often abuses Sovester because he is "imperfect". Cotton tries to influence Mittens to be kind to Sovester, but that only gets her into trouble...

TheTuckermeows live in a poor neighborhood called Redknob Drive.